Residency Program

Exchange Residency Program
(Creators sent abroad)


Participating Project  
Exchange Residency Program (Japanese Creators sent abroad)
Activity Based Japan
City / Place stayedHelsinki / HIAP (Helsinki International Artist Programme)
Period 2019.9 - 2019.11
Purpose of the residency

As I have been working with topological forms of hole, room, stairs and prison, during my residency I will research the structural form of Suomenlinna as a sea fortress and put them into new work series. Both Island and fortress are isolated territory, which can be the model of identification and autonomy. This practice would be an examination that art pieces, individuals and nations could be autonomous, and also be dependent on the environment at same time.

Plan during the residency

・I will research about history, architecture and geography of Suomenlinna. And I will make a proposal of land art in Suomenlinna island.
・It is prospective the outdoor plan is difficult in the world heritage place, so I will make a big maquette of island, and make a penetrating hole into the island. That hole makes the structure of sea fortress island. I will make paintings based on that structure and display them together in the project space of Suomenlinna.

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