Residency Program

International Creator Residency Program

update: 2020.1.27


Participating Project    
International Creator Residency Program
Activity BasedTaiwan
City Tokyo
Period 2020.2 - 2020.3
Purpose of the residency

For the residency, I want to create a series of works that deals with the theme of loneliness and separation created by technology in contemporary living. The origin of the concept is inspired by a short documentary from 2015, “Japan’s Disposable Workers: Net Cafe Refugees”, which captures single men living in the cells of a net cafe. Tokyo is particularly fitting for the project because of the popularity of mobile devices, internet cafes, video games, and capsule hotels. I find the Japanese coping of urban loneliness to be both poetic and insightful, and it’s highly relatable to urban dwelling in Taipei.

Plan during the residency

Phrase 1: Research and immersion of the locale
Phrase 2: Conversation and project sketches
Phrase 3: Core project creation
Phrase 4: Refinement and presentation

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