Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Lives and works in Basel and Buenos Aires. Graduated with an MA in Arts from Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst(FHNW HGK)in 2020.
With sculpture and performance, understood as a continuum, Durrieu generate situations where the spectator is frequently invited to committedly engage and to go through an experience, in order to be transformed by it, along with the work itself. The works often deal with systems and regulations while aiming to find alternative understandings beyond those structures.

Recent exhibitions and activities
2022 "Performance Biennale BP21," Parque de la Memoria - Monumento a las Víctimas del Terrorismo de Estado, Buenos Aires
2021 "CONTROLOGY," Kunst Raum Riehen, Basel
2020 "Life love justice," Kunsthaus Baselland, Basel
2019 "Kleine reparaturen," Kaskadenkondensator, Basel
2018 "Ritual, poetry and action," Ruth Benzacar gallery, Buenos Aires

Awards, Grants
2022 Swiss Arts Awards finalist
2021 Kunstkredit Werkbeitrage Basel Kanton

About works

Durrieu understands the work she does like questions, a way of doing without knowing. Sculptures, installations, and performances are all situations where both the works and the attendants have to meet, to be transformed by a joint experience. There, the body-in-situation is a field where learned perception mechanisms manifest and, in turn, the source of their possible disarticulation. Functionality and the efficiency-oriented paradigm's inherent codes are often present issues. Everyday objects, systems, and categories take the form of highly regulated displays, and are extracted from the contexts that give them meaning, while their attributes are used for uncertain purposes, where the binary logic of opposites does not stand.

Puppet-Me (or example of a five-legged walking stick)
2018, Performatic sculpture
Pulleys engineer: Adrian Unger
Video register: Joaquin Wall

2018, Performatic sculpture

Three Forward Attitudes - Repentetris
2020, iron structure, mdf, carpet, hand made meditation minipillow for knee, instructions

Out of Order
2020, Diffuse and soft performatic hacking device - posters, visitation cards, wall vynils, acrylic artwork tags, wooden sign, acrylic sign, metal, banners, brochures and brochure holder, iOS and Andoid free downloadable App

Reflex Arc (acupuncture/new altars)
2022, Performatic installation
Iron, bronze, copper, soap, incense, fabric, hair extensions, ceramics, essential oils, latex, polymer plaster. 
Operators: Feipe Alvarez Parisi, Ramiro Oller, Sofia Durrieu
Assistance: Andres Piña, Felipe Alvarez Parisi
Produced at Werkstatt HGK FWNW, Basel and in Buenos Aires
Technical advice and general supervision bronze casting: Kurt Küng