Born in 1978. Graduated from Universidad Central de Venezuela in 2002. 
Recent main activities are documentary "Carmen: Free Woman's Anthem" (Venezuela, 2012), fiction movie "Eloísa" (on postproduction, Venezuela), short movie "Mei Fung" (Venezuela, 2012), TV art magazine "Bohemian City" (Venezuela, 1999-2012), animated series "Vicenta y Los Espantos" (Venezuela).

I am a Film & TV Production teacher in Universidad de Los Andes, Venezuela; Chief in Production in ULA TV Cultural Channel; Filmmaker and Writer. I love my career because it allows me to mix different creative dimensions: writing and directing art documentaries like "Carmen: Free Woman's Anthem" - just premiered - or psychological thrillers like "Eloisa" -currently on postproduction-, producing shorts for new talents, and talking with the greatest artists in my personal TV art magazine, "Bohemian City" - nominated in 2011 for two Inter Awards: Best Cultural TV Show and Best TV Host -. Currently, I am working in the adaptation and executive production for "Vicenta and the Spooks", movie and animated series - official participant in the "Havana Film Festival" section "Nuevas Miradas" - which is based upon my own storybook, winner from The Big Award of Arts and Letters from Venezuela 2004.
About works / performance
As a filmmaker my purpose is to make a balance between entertainment and social commitment: entertaining the audience and saying "something" about the conflicts around my world. "Carmen: Free Woman's Anthem" is my posture about women and the fight for their rights in front of military politics in Latin America. "Eloisa", a psychological thriller dressed with a "entertainment" costume is a real message about how a frustrated sexual behavior could become in a horror tragedy. "Vicenta and the Spooks", talk with the children about their most usual thrills: death, deceases, war, and over all, different life styles. My new project, "Crazy People", is a critical comedy about Venezuelan people.

Carmen_Free Woman_Anthem, Art Documentary (Poster Teaser).jpg

"Carmen: Free Woman's Anthem"(Art Documentary)
2012. HD. 75 min
Director / Writer / Executive Producer

Vicenta and The Spooks, The Movie (on production).jpg

"Vicenta and the Spooks, The Animated Series"
2013. HD. 1 season (13 chapters - 22 min each one.). 
Executive Producer / Writer.