Genoel Rühle von LILIENSTERN

Genoel Rühle von LILIENSTERN

Born in 1979. Graduated from "Hanns Eisler Berlin" in 2007 (Diploma) and from "Ensemble Modern Academy Frankfurt" (Master) in 2009

His recent concerts are
"Landgang" with Ensemble Proxima Centauri and Ensemble SIC, 2010, Bordeaux 
"Die Flibustiers" together with Ensemble Mosaik, 2010/11 in Salzburg, Berlin and Viitasaari/Finnland
"Schwelbrand" Jun 2011, Tape Club, Berlin
"Electric Body Musik" with Lucho Pelucho Sept 2011, Casa de la Musica, Quito, Ecuador
"Contemporary Sound System" Random Generated Dubstep Nov 2011, Tante Emma, Berlin



About works / performance
My education as a so called "classic composer" is the background for my observations in musical life. The genres or social contexts I work in may vary. I like to pick up musical objects trouvés and examine their functions, unconscious reflexes, commercial standardizations, resistances and chances. After that I like to melt them together with ideas from other musical fields. An example can be my last project "Contemporary Sound System" where I was applying chance operation sequencing to dupstep sampling or "Adrenochrom" where I was including double-pedal drumming in a contemporary music ensemble texture.
Another passion of mine is speculating about an actual musical "futurism" (or sentimental scifi). I have written several pieces for robotic machines and instruments like "Double-concerto for Horn, Robot and Ensemble". For the robot opera "Rigolator" I have won the 2008 and for "mouvement noir" for ensemble and vibrating sound objects the "Hanns Eisler Preis" 2008.
Moreover I have written pieces for orchestra and opera ensemble.