Born in California in 1970. Lives and works in Berlin.
Graduated with a BFA in art studio from the University of New Mexico in 1996.

Recent exhibitions
2021 "Mäusebunker & Hygieneinstitut" Università Iuav di Venezia, Architecture Biennale, Venice
2021 "Sofia Art Projects Vol.1: Intimacy and Spectacle in the Age of Social Media", Largoto and underpasses, Sofia, Bulgaria
2019 "58th Venice Biennale" Sale d'Armi, Swatch Pavilion, Venice
2019 "The 13th Havana Biennial" Matanzas, Cuba
2016 "2050. A Brief History of the Future" Palazzo Reale, Milan

Awards, Grants
2022 Arbeitsstipendien, Stiftung Kunstfonds
2022 Roman J. Witt Fellowship, University of Michigan
2020 Foundwork Art Prize

About works / performance

Through the use of sculpture, photography, video, and large-scale installation, Snelling gives her impression of a place, its people and their experience. Best described as 3-D non-linear sculptural films, her artworks capture a culture at a specific time in history.

Lost Year Motel (detail) 2021, mixed media sculpture with video, 70cm x 127cm x 70cm
courtesy of the artist and Studio la Città, Verona

Play Motel (detail) 2018, mixed media sculpture with video, small scale
private collection

Ron and Christopher Wrestling 2018, performance in bedroom installation, life-size
courtesy of the artist and Cokkie Snoei, Rotterdam

Maeusebunker 2021, mixed media sculpture with video, 48cm x 70cm x 130cm
courtesy of the artist and Aeroplastics Contemporary