Born in 1973. Graduated from Jakarta Institute of Art, majoring Graphic Design in 1994.
Recent 5 main activities are:
- Seven Scenes - 7th Indonesian Contemporary Art & Design/2016/Grand Kemang Hotel, Jakarta (Group Exhibition)
- The Flame of the Pacific/2016/ST Paul St Gallery, Auckland-New Zealand (Personal Exhibition)
- 1st Yinchuan Biennale 'For An Image, Faster than Light/2016/MoCA Yinchuan, China (Group Exhibition)
- 5th Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition 'Negative Horizon'/2016/Hong-Gah Museum, Taipei (Group Exhibition)
- Jakarta Biennale 'Neither Forward Nor Back: Acting in Present/2015/Gudang Sarinah Ekosistem, Jakarta (Group Exhibition)

It has been almost 3 years we work on our specific theme project 'The Flame of The Pacific', an intervention project on geopolitical issues in Pacific Rim. The project will run for another 7 years to complete one decade. So far we have achieved various opportunities internationally such as exhibitions, commission works and residency programs. We aim to create projects based on history and attempts to respond the complexity of the issues with out-of-the-box thinking. Our activities have so far encouraged cross-disciplinary interaction among institutions, activists to journalists. The local and international media covered and helped us in seeing how far our achievement is, but more importantly is how art with its universal value can be a self-fulfillment as well inspire society.

About works / performance

Autopsy of History, The Serpent (2016, Performance, Intervention)
Photo: Sigit D. Pratama

Irwan_Tita_180 degree.jpg
180º, Turning Skytower, a landmark in Auckland, New Zealand (2016, Performance, Intervention, Video)
Photo: Irwan Ahmett

Irwan_Tita_Restitution of 1755.jpg
Restitution of 1755, The boy with special needs is reciting the Addendum to Treaty of Giyanti 1755. (2015, Performance, Intervention, Video)
Photo: Rangga Aditiawan

Irwan_Tita_1001st island.jpg
1001st Island - The Most Sustainable Island in Archipelago, 2015, Performance, Intervention, Video
Photo: Irwan Ahmett

Irwan_Tita_Inseparable flakes.jpg
Inseparable flakes, 2016, Performance, Intervention, Video mapping Screen capture from the video

Longevity, Pacific ocean when typhoons approaching Taiwan (2015, Performance, Intervention, Video)
Photo: Rangga Aditiawan

Irwan_Tita_5-Salting the Sea.jpg
Salting the sea, (2015, Performance, Intervention, Video)
Photo: Rangga Aditiawan