update: 2021.2.8

Visual Art
TOKAS-Emerging (2021.4 - 2021.6)
辻󠄀 梨絵子

Born in Tokyo in 1991. Lives and works in Tokyo.
Graduated with an M.F.A in Global Art Practice course from Tokyo University of the Arts in 2019.
She also studied at Bauhaus University and Zurich University of Arts through an exchange program. She has joined several residency programs abroad. Her works show you bittersweet moments of life.

Recent exhibitions:
‟End of Summer Open Studio,” Yale union, Portland, USA, 2019
‟I hope you are happy.,” Prenzlauer Studio/Kunst collektiv, Berlin, 2018 
‟Fictionality,” SYP Gallery, Tokyo, 2017

Recent activities: 
‟GOOD WAR,” Kyoto Prefectural Center for Arts and Culture, Kyoto, 2021
‟morningcall,” Kitasenju BUoY, Tokyo, 2020
‟A Moment between Stillness and Movement,” Tamsui Plaza, Taipei, 2020

Recent awards and grants:
Contemporary Art Foundation Award 2018 

About works / performance

In recent years, Rieko Tsuji has found herself residing in several new places. This experience propelled her to do research on the relationship between culture, environment and ways of thinking, while also examining how people bridge gaps of time and distance as they relocate around the world. Recurring motifs in her work include the interactions of strangers on the Internet, as well as planets and satellites.
Her work also portrays very personal stories of family, friendship and love; expressed in a way that is universally intelligible and shareable by the audience, blurring the line between public and private, internal and external, objective and subjective.

The Borage Tea 2021

The Plants of Borage 2020

MOONS, 2019, acrylic ball, aluminum pipe, solar panel, 300×300×1200(mm) 

Virtual Romance, 2019, acrylic sheet, textile, wood, resin, dimension variable

Growing Separately, 2018, plants, brass, resin, plastic, soap, textile, dimension variable 

Our Convenient World, 2018, performance

Fictionality, 2017, turn table, pixelated glass, mirror, filter, webcam, 600×600×1100(mm) 

Reboot from the Bubble, 2017, wooden house, speaker, video, dimension variable