Date2010.2.17(Wed) - 2010.2.28(Sun)
Time11:00 - 17:00
AdmissionPlease see each program.
Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, Tokyo Wonder Site
Asahi Beer Arts Foundation
VenueTWS Hongo

EXPERIMENTAL SOUND, ART & PERFORMANCE FESTIVAL is an arena where young artists and musicians create new cross-genre music expression and send out their voice to the world. This year, the open application for new stimulating experimental projects took place and seventeen projects were selected. Please enjoy the projects which attempt new expression between music and art field. In addition, Yu Kuwabara participating in Local Creator Residence Program and the invited artists participating in Exchange Residency Program will be presenting their new pieces.


Send a fax with name, address, name of concert and number of tickets to: 03-5689-7501, or email to: performingart09@tokyo-ws.org.

EVENT' Information

February 17(Wed.), 2010

3 creators participating in our residency programs will perform at the event!

Bettina Berger (Flutist)
Matt Rogers (Composer, Sound Designer)
Chung-Han Yao (Artist)

Bettina Berger in International Nomination Program(Recommendation by Ensemble Modern), Matt Rogers in Exchange Residency Program(London) and Chung-Han Yao in Exchange Residency Program(Taipei) will be presenting their pieces.

Date: February 17(Wed.),2010 Start 19:00 (Door Open 18:30)
Admission: Free

Bettina Berger

Matt Rogers

Chung-Han Yao

February 19(Fri.),2010

MERI NIKULA "I Eye I / ai ai ai / 愛愛愛"

I perform with my twin-self - one of me live and one on video. I play together with myself, observing and celebrating life - the beauty as well as the absurdness of being human and our ability to switch from taking life very seriously to laughing about it all.

Date: February 19(Fri.),2010 Start 19:00 (Door Open 18:30)
Admission: Free
February 20(Sat.),2010

+LUS "flex acoustics"

Augmented Perception is predetermined according to the ideal way of the space. We execute a live installation that changes the ideal way of the sounds in the space by performing the space that uses Sound Object.

Date: February 20(Sat.),2010 Start 14:00 (Door Open 13:30)
Admission: 1,000 yen

ⓒBankART1929, photo : Kazuto Imura

Yosaku Kikuchi "Sing to listen,listen to sing NO MUSIC NO LIFE?"

There is a massive overflow of music consumed today, while some people are advocating 'No Music No Life'. However, what drives us to consume music in our everyday life? In this show, the performers, who are soaked in 'No Music No Life', will break up the well-known pop tunes.

Date: February 20(Sat.),2010 Start 17:00 (Door Open 16:30)
Admission: 1,500yen

Local Creator Residence Program Presentation Yu Kuwabara "ireco monogatari"

I imagine'one sound'has a gesture like what creatures have. This gesture is created by language, tones, human nature, atmosphere, light and shadow. They are reacting on each other in 'one sound'. "YUMECHIGAE" is the story which is between a reality without music and a dream with music based on the story written by Tatsuhiko Shibusawa.

Date: February 20(Sat.),2010 Start 19:00 (Door Open 18:30)
Admission: 2,000yen
February 21(Sun.),2010

etude no.13 氷を吊るすヴァリエーション より

mamoru "etude no.13 -ice-"

Dozens of ice cubes hunging from ceiling make dripping sound. Fused with improvised sound, it creates unique experience.

Date: February 21(Sun.), 2010 Start 14:00 (Door Open 13:30)
Admission: 2,000yen

azumaru×takuya "Omagadoki"

At the hour of "Omagadoki", when saints and demons meet, the opponent of the Butoh dancer is an electric guitar! What music will the Butoh dancer play when he finds himself in the realms of the unconscious, haunted by the narrative? Don't miss the creation of this unique soundscape in TWS Hongo!

Date: February 21(Sun.), 2010 Start 17:00 (Door Open 16:30)
Admission: 1,500yen

Duo X "Urban Doldrums"

Duo X(Naomi Sato & Laura Carmichael) introduces their new works include some Japan premiers which are the result of collaborations with young artists from all over the world. It will be a theatrical concert by two musician using improvisations, body movements in sound-scapes and video arts.

Date: February 21(Sun.), 2010 Start 19:00 (Door Open 18:30)
Admission: 3,000yen
February 24(Wed.),2010

Masahiro Hiramoto/Computer Quartet "TOKYO nude"

The program "Computer Quartet" is designed by Masahiro Hiramoto and Shun Owada. Using sound files and time structures of the opus composed in advance, four computer players process, play and reconstruct the opus in real time.

Date: February 24(Wed.), 2010 Start 19:00 (Door Open 18:30)
Admission: 2,000yen

Hiromu Yamaguchi "End of The Innumerable world"

It is set up four installation by plural rooms and stairs. This lets images and sounds reflect the movement of spectators and actors moving the space, and it is an opera spinning a story.

Date: February 24(Wed.), 2010 Start 20:30 (Door Open 20:00)
Admission: 2,000yen

February 25(Thu.),2010

Hiroko Okuma "A Modern Puberty Woman"

This work is a solo performance in which a girl dances the part of a woman that secretly lives puberty hidden deep in the body of the grown-up woman, dancing to the original music by the performer herself, with a ball or a roll of toilet paper in her hand, against the tape-recorded image of the so-called ageing society of Jujo in Kita-ku, Tokyo, being projected on the screen in the background.

Date: February 25(Thu.), 2010 Start 19:00 (Door Open 18:30)
Admission: 500yen

Mayumi Orai × Ayako Okubo "Trance"

With the electronics and contemporary techniques, the sound created from cimbalom and flute fills the space with changing its colors and forms...as a kaleidoscope... Mayumi Orai() / Ayako Okubo(Flute) / Sumihisa Arima(Live electronics)

Date: February 25(Thu.), 2010 Start 20:00 (Door Open 19:30)
Admission: 2,000yen
February 26(Fri.),2010

ensemble cross.art(Junko Yamamoto, Saeko Takayama, Sun-Min Shim) "silent art films xx contemporary music"

Eight international composers will compose for schort films of Yukihiro Taguchi and others. Malaka DEWAPRIYA will produce short films for this music.of "Tierkreis" by Karlheinz Stockhausen. The music and films will be synchronized and performed live with "ensemble cross.art".

Date: February 26(Fri.), 2010 Start 19:00 (Door Open 18:30)
Admission: 3,000yen
February 27(Sat.),2010

Toshimitsu Nakagawa "Drawing Variation 3 : the electron properties of pencil"

In this performance, I am playing to use the conductive properties of pencil graphite to create sounds.

Date: February 27(Sat.), 2010 Start 14:00 (Door Open 13:30)
Admission: Free

Yukari Uto "Nigero" Workshop --Funny-haha Body and Word--

"taata tatatsuta" "zun" "dokan doku" "gegera" "sutetoten" There are some strange words. What kind of word do you think they are? Heavy? Light? Stretch? Jump? Run? Laugh? In the workshop, you will think about the connection between word and body by expressing the words in sound and video images by using your body.

Date: February 27(Sat.), 2010 Start 16:30 (Door Open 16:00)
Admission: Free
Qualifying Age: elementaly school years children (3-6 grades)
Capacity: 10 persons (Spectotors are welcomed.)

Eri Kozaki "Cine Concert "The Freshman""

Improvisational accompaniment to silent films is "the fusion of image and music." The improvisational accompaniment to "The Freshman", the film of the famous comedian Harold Lloyd, is performed only by the piano, and the music by piano, expresses not only sound effects, but also human emotions and all the other essential sounds of the film.

Date: February 27(Sat.), 2010 Start 19:00 (Door Open 18:30)
Admission: 2,000 yen
Cooperation: IVC(http://www.ivc-tokyo.co.jp/)
February 28(Sun.),2010

mofa(Tatsuya Kashishita, Rie Murakami) "Route map composition"

Using a small musical instrument or our own voices to make various sounds, we will walk along a "Route Map" on the floor. The purpose of this workshop is to help people who have not met before to connect sounds and be connected by sound they make.

Date: February 28(Sun.), 2010 Start 13:00 (Door Open 12:30)
Admission: Free
Qualifying Age: From elementaly school years children to Adults
Capacity: 20 persons (Spectotors are welcomed.)


The common feeling between mental derangement and martial art is the strike of fear. The program attempts to play music with the human body's strength in fears. Using gymnastic tools as music instruments, he will show his performance in the white cube "gym" by devoting all his powers between the fear and laugh.

Date: February 28(Sun.), 2010 Start 16:00 (Door Open 15:30)
Admission: 500 yen

Toshiaki Komori "Live Performance 02/'10"

This work has a meaning to neither whole or part like the works of past Dadaist. I want you to look at the stage space (by music, picture, performance and words) developed based on contemporary music without thinking about anything.

Date: February 28(Sun.), 2010 Start 18:00 (Door Open 17:30)
Admission: 1,000 yen

Participating Creator

Bettina Danielle Berger
Duo X
KOMORI Toshiaki
NAKAGAWA Toshimitsu
Mayumi ORAI x Ayako OKUBO
OKUMA Hiroko
TOMATSU Takahiro
UTO Yukari
Chung-Han YAO