Graduated from MFA Master of Fine Arts (Free Art), Malmö Art Academy, Lund University, Sweden in 2005

Recent 5 main activities (personal exhibitions, group exhibitions, concerts) are
"Frictions in the Globalisation", group, École des hautes études en sciences sociales (EHESS), Paris, 2017-2018
"MOT Satellite: Connecting Scapes", group, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, 2017
"Art Meets 03", solo, Arts Maebashi Museum, Gumma, 2016
"The New Vision", group, Pola Museum Annex, Tokyo, 2015
"Fittja Pavilion", group, Architecture Biennial (Serra dei Giardini), Venice, 2014

Studied interdisciplinary studies (thoughts/culture/sociology) in Japan, and free art in Europe. Living in various societies and growing thoughts through walks and dialogues, I attempt to intervene into the distances that emerge at the intersection of the everyday and the world. Currently I work on the project “After-ripening & Corruption” based on my experiences as a migrant, and develop it further also in South Africa later in 2019.

About works / performance

I attempt to intervene in the psychological and physical distances that appear at the intersections of the global issues and the everyday in our time, using my experiences, curious mind, and imagination as springboard. Having lived as ‘others’ in various societies, I acquired resilience, parallax and the licence for leaps. I use them to play with rules, norms and logics tactfully, and to mull over the findings and questions that surface in the shades of distances. It takes various forms, such as installations, acts, relational projects and essays, as I search for personal idioms that “resonate”, appreciating encounters and detours, to invite people to look afresh at their never-disputed worldview and stiffened values, and tailor their own relationship with the surrounding world.

Viskleken (whisper game) , 2018-present, project, at Södertälje Konsthall, Sweden

Boustrophedon (R-L), 2018-present, project, at Södertälje Konsthall, Sweden

Imagining (the life on) the other side, 2017-2018, act + drawing installation, at EHESS, France

Collecting Distances, 2015-present, artist’s book + distribution project, 17x24x1.2cm

Bookshelf, 2015, installation, image: 218x326cm

an Old-World warbler dreams of the south. in Helsinki, 2012, map drawing (Diazo paper, magnifying glass) image: 53x45cm

Wind Ensemble (in four movements), 2013-2015, act + installation (bottle / projector, straw, paper, clipboard)

Under the Same Blue Sky, 2009-present, project (laser print on transparent adhesive sheet)